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Y3 & Y5 Forces teaching ideas and tips

Looking for some y3 or y5 forces lesson plans and teaching tips?

Then look no further as these tips can enhance your topic either on their own or as a great supplement to our primary forces workshop.

launching plane in a year 5 forces primary science workshop

Forces topic starter questions

  1. What is a force?

  2. How many different forces are there?

  3. How can forces help us live our lives? (e.g. brakes on a car = friction, throwing and kicking in sport = pushing and pulling)

Forces activity ideas

  1. Make a model parachute out of tissue paper and string with a piece of clay or other item as the 'person'.

  2. Make a blow football game with two straws, a table or cardboard 'pitch' and a ping pong ball, who can use air resistance to score the most goals?

  3. Draw a labelled diagram of examples of all the forces we know about in action! E.g. a car braking, hands clapping, a rocket taking off

Year 4 and year 6 forces

investigation ideas

  1. Which surface slows things down the most and why? (e.g. ball, marbles, toy car on a slope)

  2. Test the model parachutes you made in the 'create' section.  Which parachute is the best in the class at slowing down the 'person' on the end?

  3. Investigate the strength of a lolly stick lever.  Use a lolly stick over a pencil or rubber to try and lift different items.  At what point does it break?

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