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Y4 & Y6 Electricity teaching ideas and tips

Looking for some y4 or y6 electricity lesson plans and teaching tips?

Then look no further as these tips can enhance your topic either on their own or as a great supplement to our primary electricity workshop.

year 6 pupils using a circuit board

Electricity topic starter questions

  1. What is electricity?

  2. When is electricity safe and when is it unsafe?

  3. How many items in the modern world are electric? How many items were electric in the past?

Electricity activity ideas

  1. Draw a map of a city with lines drawn to show the wires from the power station to the houses and buildings.

  2. Make a simple torch with a cardboard tube, a bulb, a battery and some wires (links with y4 light)

  3. Draw a circuit diagram for your friend to make, then swap around (try to use the proper circuit symbols available here from twinkl https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-s-040-electricity-circuit-symbols-word-mat

y4/y6 Electricity investigation ideas

  1. Make some simple circuits using equipment in school?

  2. Learn about morse code and make a machine to flash or buzz every time two wires are touched together (very simple circult with just two wires a bulb or buzzer and a battery)

  3. Which materials are insulators (stop electricity from passing through) and which are conductors (allow electricity to pass through)? Do a simple circuit with two wires and a blub to test items.

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