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Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 'Spaceman in

your school' workshop

See and learn about a high quality replica of an Apollo 11

moon landing spacesuit!



National Curriculum suggested year group:



Varies per group size and also Key Stage

(please enquire for more details)

NC objectives covered:

Various, including space, forces and KS1 'significant individuals' scheme of work (ie Neil Armstrong links)

Our 'Spaceman in your school' Apollo spacesuit workshop offers a unique experience that will put a real "Wow!" into your pupils' learning about Earth and Space.


Custom made in the USA by a company who makes museum quality spacesuit replicas, it is a close copy of the suits used by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on their 20th July 1969 moon landing.


Mr B will arrive in your school dressed in the suit to work with your pupils, either in role as a 'Spaceman' for KS1, or as a teacher to explain the science behind the suit for KS2.

"I just wanted to say how brilliant the Spaceman workshop was! Our children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed your visit!"   Lisa, year one teacher, Halifax

A Spaceman in your School!

A Spaceman in your School!

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Version details for each Key Stage

Key Stage One workshop: a 'pretend' spaceman visit!

Mr B will visit Year one and two in their classroom or hall in the role of a spaceman to ask the pupils if they have seen his friend 'Spaceted'.  


After a quick search for Spaceted (cunningly hidden beforehand :) Mr B tells the story of rescuing Spaceted from the moon and in doing so the pupils learn what it is like to live, eat and breathe in space, including lots of acting, jokes and funny faces!  


But that's not all This is then followed by a 'stomp rocket' launch and the chance for pupils to have their picture taken with spaceted and Mr B and even try on the helmet!

key stage 1 and key stage 2 spaceman school workshop

(Please note that if you have more than one class, these are combined into a single hall session due to restrictions on the time I can safely wear the suit due to the heat and weight).  Please feel free to enquire if you would like further details on this.

shooting a rocket in the spaceman workshop
spaceman in your school workshop
key stage 1 pupils spaceman visit

Key Stage Two workshop: in suit but as teacher

key stage 2 year 5 pupil having picture taken with a spaceman

Mr B will visit the pupils in the classroom for a single class or the school hall for multiple classes for an explanation of all the functions of the suit, including which parts did what and also how it was made.

This is then followed by an approx. 1.5 hr  interactive HD video presentation about the space race, with many interactive features such as handling real space-flown space artefacts, items signed by moonwalkers and space shuttle pilots and even learning how gravity works using weighted cans of baked beans!

This is the same presentation as featured in our 'Rockets to Rovers' workshop and is hugely successful in inspiring pupils about science and space.

This then followed by a rocket making and firing session (not taught in suit) and also for single classes there is an added moon rover session where pupils control a rover around a 10m x 10m moon landscape.

moon rover in spaceman school workshop
boys making rockets in our spaceman school workshop
boy firing a space rocket year 4
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