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NEW! Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Incredible
Inventions Science Assemblies

A brilliant, good value, whole-school wow experience to inspire and inform your pupils about some pivotal STEM inventions such as the steam train, morse code, the gramophone and many others!



National Curriculum

suggested year group:

KS1 and KS2

Workshop duration

KS2: An hour and a quarter

KS1: 3/4 hr to an hour 

NC objectives covered:

Many from Electricity (Morse Code); Light (photography); Sound (music box);Forces (steam train) and Space (rockets).  It also relates to the Victorians topic!

Our "Incredible Inventions" KS1 and KS2 science assemblies offer a big hit of inspiring STEM-based science in comprehensive whole-cohort hall sessions full of interactivity and handling of the artefacts on show.

For either version, whether it be Key Stage One or Key Stage Two, we bring in all of these inventions on a large display in the hall which pupils interact with and learn about:

vic inventions assembly picture artefact
vic inventions assembly picture artefact

Tailored for each age range, both assemblies involve learning all about the inventions and the impact they had on society with a detailed explanation and interactive parts where pupils come up to the front and experience the inventions close to hand.  Experience such as winding a phonograph or gramophone, marching to WW1 music, sending Morse code, pretending to use cameras, guessing our mystery household inventions and many more mean it is an experience that is guaranteed to enhance your pupils' learning.

What is more, you are most welcome to use this as a basis for single-class sessions with matched activities looking in more detail at selected inventions, from either our "Incredible Inventions" Science workshop featured on this website, or our more Victorian-history focused version over on our sister website www.victorianworkshop.co.uk


Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that this workshop is guaranteed to inspire pupils young and old!

Quotes from pupils about this workshop:

"I enjoyed how we got to look at all the cool inventions.  It was really fun and I loved the train!"
"My favourite part of the day was looking at the Victorian cameras when some of us got dressed up. It was awesome!"

"The real Morse Code machine was amazing!"

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