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Y3 Rocks and Fossils topic teaching ideas and tips

Looking for some y3 Rocks and Fossils lesson plans and teaching tips?

Then look no further as these tips can enhance your topic either on their own or as a great supplement to our year three rocks and fossils workshop.

looking at fossils in our year 3 science workshop
sorting fossils in y3 rocks and fossils workshop

Rocks and Fossils topic starter questions

  1. How many different types of rocks are there?

  2. How are rocks made?

  3. What is a fossil?

Rocks and Fossils activity ideas

  1. What would we leave behind? Make modern fossil imprints in clay of items such as keys, pencils, phones etc.  These can also be cast afterwards in plaster if you are feeling adventurous!

  2. Draw your own dinosaur!

  3. Make a classroom museum display of different types of rocks with labels.

y3 Rocks and Fossils investigation ideas

  1. Which rock is the hardest?  Using a metal ruler, protractor point or something similar do a 'scratch test' on different rock samples to see which scratches the easiest.  Rank them from 1 to 10 from softest to hardest.

  2. What's in our soil?  Look at 3 different soils from around teh school or home to compare their properties. Make a chart to record certain parts such as coloud, thickness, whether it has stones etc.

  3. Try to sort your school rock collection into three different types: Ignaeous/metamorphic and sedimentary (will require a little research on the different characteristics as a lesson starter)

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