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Y3 Light topic teaching ideas and tips

Looking for some y3 light lesson plans and teaching tips?

Then look no further as these tips can enhance your topic either on their own or as a great supplement to our year three light workshop.

year 3 pupil making a light painting

Light topic starter questions

  1. How are shadows made?

  2. How does light travel from the sun to the human eye?

  3. How does the human eye work?

Light activity ideas

  1. Draw a labelled picture of as many light sources as you can find.

  2. Make a shadow puppet show with cardboard cutout characters and a torch placed behind.

  3. Make a simple torch with a cardboard tube, a bulb, a battery and some wires (links with y4 electricity)

y3 Light investigation ideas

  1. Measure and challk shadow outlines at the same time of the day and notice the difference.  Why are they changing?

  2. Measure light levels with either a light meter (available from YPO https://www.ypo.co.uk/product/detail/465263) or by a group of pupils agreeing on a score out of 10 (e.g. it was 10 at the window but 8 further away near the door)

  3. Try to make light travel around a corner by reflecting it with mirrors and torches.

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