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Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 

Human body workshop

Learn about the skeleton, muscles and circulatory system in a single session workshop which can be tailored to your curriculum needs 



National Curriculum suggested year group:



Duration (for single class, multiple classes normally share a day with one or two sessions each):

Single session (so better for a full Key Stage through the day)

NC objectives covered:

Various though in general it is a celebration and examination of the range of movement and unique design of the human body compared to other animals.

How are humans both different and similar to other animals and how does the human skeletal system, our muscles, joints and organs all support the body to make sure that our bodies function correctly through all the challenges we put it through?  We investigate these questions in this hall-based PE workshop, usually delivered for a single session per class for up to 4 classes in a day, or just as a one-off lesson for a single class on their own.

Using Stanley, our skeleton, plus other resources such as animal x-rays and a lifesize model of the intestine we introduce the topic with a comparison of what makes humans and other animals both different and similar in many ways. This is then followed with a PE task with a difference, where we ask the pupils to perform a wide range of different body movements using bespoke fitness stations. 

The workshop is differentiated for whatever year group we have, so for example in the lower years we can focus more generally on the body while in year 6 we can make more comparisons with Evolution and Inheritance, depending on your curriculum needs.

In addition, the PE element means that it is probably one of the only science workshops available that you can fund via your school sports premium under the justification "..use of the premium gives pupils the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle." (DfE Sports Premium Terms 2014) meaning it is a workshop that is sure to match all your needs in terms of health and fitness, scientific knowledge, and, of course, your school budget :)

pupils taking part in our key stage 1 and key stage 2 human body primary science workshop

Activities in this human Body primary workshops

(differentiated between the KS1 and KS2 versions as required)

1) Whole group human body presentation

pupil measuring his hand against a skeleton in a human body science workshop

The workshop is based in the hall and starts with a general overview of the human body based around our friendly skeleton, Stanley, differentiated for either Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.

This includes highlights such as a fun quiz about the bones of the body and looking at the incredible size of the human intestine using our custom-made model among other "wow!" moments. 


Depending on your needs, we can also makes links with animals using our mini animal xrays, and also evolution (for the new Y6 topic) in an adapted version of this workshop called Evolution and Inheritance, which also includes fossils.

2) A PE session with a difference!

(differentiated for KS1 and KS2)

The rest of the workshop is spent on our custom PE activity, which for Key Stage One is a complete physical literacy session and for Key Stage Two is a PE stations activity, both of which make a real tangible connection between the science of how the body works and its performance during excercise.  

We also let the pupils examine a selection of Doctors' models of joints in the human body, which all pupils, regardless of age, show interest in, often independently discussing the joints and comparing them alongside the specific excercise they are doing.   

pe session year 5 human body
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