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Y4 Sound topic teaching ideas and tips

Looking for some y4 sound lesson plans and teaching tips?

Then look no further as these tips can enhance your topic either on their own or as a great supplement to our year four sound workshop.

year 4 pupil in our sound science workshop

Sound topic starter questions

  1. How is sound made?

  2. How does sound travel?

  3. How many different sounds are there?

Sound activity ideas

  1. Make your own musical instrument out of everday items or recycled materials.

  2. Write and perform a story with sound effects using everyday items in school e.g. two pieces of word for a horses hooves

  3. Do a class assembly on sound. It could include sound effects, recordings of different sounds, how sounds make us feel, how different music can make us feel different things etc.

y4 Sound investigation ideas

  1. Collect and record different sounds on a sound recorder.

  2. Measure sound levels of different noises either with a decibel meter (£10 from amazon) or with a group of people giving a score out of 10 (but always the same distance away from a sound)

  3. Which are the best materials to soundproof a room? Discuss and design a fair test and rank different materials from the best to the worst.

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