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KS1 Materials topic teaching ideas and tips

Looking for some year 1 and year 2 materials lesson plans

and teaching tips? Then look no further as these tips can enhance

your topic either on their own or as a great supplement

to our KS1 materials workshop.

making a space abse in a year 2 neil armstrong materials science workshop
blowing down a space base!

Materials starter questions

  1. What is a material?

  2. How many materials can I find?

  3. What is the recycling and reusing of materials?

Materials activity ideas

  1. Make a space alien from recycled materials 

  2. Make a collage picture from lots of different cut up materials.

  3. Draw or make a pretend cage for a pet.  What materials would be strong enough to make sure it is safe and doesn't escape?

Key Stage One materials 

investigation ideas

  1. What is the best material to make a rain hat from?

  2. Which materials let light pass through them?

  3. Which is the best material for making a little pigs house?

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