Primary Science Workshops

Primary school science workshops with a WOW!

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Our school science workshops are only a part of what we do and we also offer Romans school workshops, Victorian topic workshops, First World War workshops and Blitz school WW2 workshops, all of which are equally as popular and delivered in the same "wow!" style as per all our workshops.  These history workshops allow pupils to handle a wide range of authentic items, include the all important interactive timelines, and include many related activities.


In addition, if you are lookng for a unique sporting experience, our sword fencing workshop is a great way to enthuse  a lot of pupils about competitive sport in a supported, fun environment.


Fancy a spot of living history or a sword fencing day?


'Put that light out!' plus lots more Home Front fun!

This is one of the first workshops we offered and it is still one of the most popular.  Introduced by either an air raid warden or home guard member, pupils investigate a wide range of artefacts for themselves and get to try on and handle many items such as gas masks and original WW2 documents.


Related activities include blacking out windows, using our electric telegraph, using a real WW2 stirrup pump and bandaging classmates with instructions from an original 1940s first aid book.


For more details on this workshop, please visit our dedicated blitz school WW2 workshops website, which has many more details and pictures plus a large amount of free teaching resources.

mystery object investigation in our ww2 school workshop boy dressed as air raid warden in our ww2 school workshop


Investigate the roots of all of our modern inventions

My Victorian Inventions school workshop takes pupils on a journey of discovery through the wondrous age of Victorian Invention with 4 exciting inventions-based activities.


Pupils get to power Stephenson's Rocket; take Victorian photographs dressed in costumes; make their own music box songs and use a real morse code set in this thrilling history and science workshop.


A full day's introduction to this unique and exciting sport for KS2

Our key stage two sword fencing days offer an opportunity for years 3, 4 5 and 6 to experience this fun sport using safe "Midi-Fence" plastic equipment and under the instruction of a qualified and highly experienced BFA-trained sword fencing coach.


Each one hour session comprises of a warm up followed by a series of fast-paced fencing games leading to fencing bouts against classmates in two opposing rows.


For more details on this workshop, please visit our dedicated Sword fencing for schools website, which has many more details and pictures plus a large amount of free PE teaching resources.

children sword fencing in our primary fencing workshop Key Stage 2 sword fencers in our primary fencing workshop year 6 sword fencers in in our primary fencing workshop blitz school workshop


Throwing spears, wearing armour and even a Roman tortoise!

Our new Roman Britain workshop has been designed specifically to match the Roman Britain content of the 2014 National Curriculum, with a day full of fun living history in the comfort of your school with a visit from Mr B dressed as a Roman Auxilliary soldier from Hadrian's wall.


Workshop activities include an interactive fun timeline; a 'soldier's life' activity where we look at the contents of a legionary's marching pack and try on his armour; a marching activity where we form the famous Roman 'Testudo' shield formation; and also a spear throwing task, where pupils get to throw (very) safe soft-tipped training spears at targets.

Roman school workshop - armour Roman school workshop - testudo Roman school workshop - throwing Roman spears


learn all about a soldier's life in WW1

Our unique First World War workshop took two years to plan and resource and is by far our most popular workshop.


Focussing on the role of a WW1 stretcher bearer (and therefore featuring no guns or other weapons as they weren't allowed to carry them), the workshop takes pupils through the key events of the war in a series of themed activities on the topics of First Aid, marching and a 'Soldier's life', where pupils look at the contents of a soldier's pack, try it on for size (and weight) and also have their picture taken whilst wearing it.


But that's not all, because like a lot of our workshops it also comes with a complete free scheme of work!

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