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Key Stage 2 Rocket Challenge science workshop

Take on the rest of the juniors in this great forces related challenge, complete with a winner's trophy!



National Curriculum suggested year group:


Duration (for single class, multiple classes normally share a day with one or two sessions each):

A full day for up to four classes in turn (two form or more entry schools will require more days)

NC objectives covered:

A one off science day but also Earth and space / Forces associated objectives

Perfect for a whole Juniors focus on forces or simply as a one off challenge day our rocket challenge workshop is an extremely fun way for all your Key Stage Two pupils to work towards a single goal of being the ultimate KS2 rocket champion!


Taught a clas at a time, each pupil will learn how to make their own air powered rocket with one of two challenges, depending on our British weather!


CHALLENGE 1 (outdoor version, good weather - we manage to do this about 80% of the time barring downpours or too-strong winds):   Who can design a rocket to stay in the air the longest in timed flights?  (Best time wins it for their class).


CHALLENGE 2: (indoor version, bad weather in school hall): Who can get the most points on our 3m target?  (Whole class score added up).

pupils making rockets in a science workshop
pupils firing rockets in a key stage 2 science workshop
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